Instructions for publishing results      
  1 Navigate by using tabs at bottom of screen.  Each racing class is located in a separate sheet.
  2 Before publishing points standings, make sure all classes are sorted by points.
  3 Move to CURRENT STANDINGS sheet (first on left).      
  4 Save as web page            
    a Click Office button, move to "Save As" and click "Other Formats"  
    b Under "Save as type" select "Web Page"        
    c Click previous .htm file to save over it        
    d Under the Save option, change from "Entire Workbook" to "Selection: Sheet"
    e Click Save              
    f Click Publish            
  5 If desired, delete empty rows in web page.        
    a Right-click on .htm file and click edit        
    b Delete empties by highlighting rows and selecting "Delete" from the cells module
    c Save file