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Winterport Dragway ATVs Page

Revised September 8th, 2010

Winterport Dragway Rules for ATV's & Quads Drag Racing Competition:
    Safety Requirements

  1. Fully functional rear brakes mandatory.
  2. Chain guards and clutch covers mandatory.
  3. Engine "kill switch" attached to rider mandatory on all machines with an ET of 8.49 or quicker.
  4. Functional "snap back" throttle mandatory.
  5. All machines must have a properly secured seat; foot pegs, and handle grips.
  6. All machines must be equipped with a means to prevent the rider's feet from going below the foot pegs.
  7. Wheelie Bars are limited to no longer than the overall length of the machine.

    Rider Requirements

  1. Each participant agrees to familiarize themselves with all applicable rules and regulations prior to competing in any event at Winterport Dragway.
  2. Full Face Helmet, long sleeved shirt, denim or leather pants, leather gloves and boots or shoes above the ankle, mandatory on all entries.
  3. SN-2000 or newer Full Face Helmet, leather or Kevlar jacket, mandatory on all machines with an ET of 8.49 or quicker.
  4. All competitors must have a valid driver's license except that: riders 16 or over with proof of age and signed parental consent forms, may compete with a machine that is not capable of running faster than 10.00 seconds ET, only after completing a drivers test similar to the Teen Racing Class.

    General Requirements

  1. Restricted to 1/8-mile competition.
  2. Competitors will be on a local level and not included in any bracket finals
  3. Nitrous Oxide prohibited.
  4. OEM type self-starting engine mandatory.
  5. Vehicle must be clean and free of excessive dirt prior to competition.
  6. Competition is restricted to ATV's, Motorcycles and Snowmobile. Competition against full-size vehicles prohibited.

For more information on ATV Drag Racing check out the ATV Drag Racing Association

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