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NEW FOR 2003

The Import/Sport Compact class will be limited to 4 and 6 cylinder street legal vehicles only. Motorcycles are not allowed in this class. Mini-trucks may compete as long as they comply with all other provisions. These vehicles may compete for trophies or run a "Gamblers Race*" at the discretion of track management (primarily depending on car count). Delay or crossover boxes are not allowed. All other electronics, including but not limited to, 2 step rev limiters, trans-brakes, electric or air operated shifters and starting line rpm controllers are permitted. This class may become eligible for the Points System if a minimum of 4 drivers pays the required points entry fee.

Note 1: The Import/Sport Compact class will only be run if there are 4 or more competitors. Otherwise, competitors will be moved to the most appropriate class for their vehicles and equipment.

Note 2: Winterport Dragway Association reserves the right to revise or change any and all rules, policies, procedures and schedules pertaining to the operation of Winterport Dragway.

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