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Revised September 8th, 2010

Winterport Dragway Teen Racing Rules

All races are conducted over a distance of 1/8th mile with an ET dial-in format, limited to 10.00 seconds and slower.

The Co-Driver must be the driverís parent, legal guardian, or adult 25 years of age or older, with a valid State driverís license. The Co-Driver must be seated In the passenger seat of the vehicle any time the Driver is In the driverís seat The Co-Driver must drive the vehicle in the pits, into the staging lanes, and on the return road past the time-slip booth.

Youth ages 13 to 17 (up until they have achieved a State driverís license) may be licensed to compete. All runs must be made with an approved Co-Driver.
A photocopy of every competitorís birth certificate, and a signed Parent/Guardian Minor Release must accompany all license applications.

All competitors must be licensed by a Track Official. The licensing procedure includes Vehicle Orientation, a basic driving test, and a minimum of six approved runs, as follows.
An Official or Co-Driver must be in the vehicle at all times.
To satisfy Vehicle Orientation requirements, the teen driver must demonstrate familiarity with all of the vehicleís primary controls such as pedals, steering, shifter, lights, etc, Drivers must perform this orientation test for each vehicle entered in competition.
The teen driver must complete a basic driving test, demonstrating the ability to start the vehicle, select gears, turn, brake, and stop proficiently.
The Official will make one run with the teen as a passenger This will allow the Official to determine the safety and eligibility of the vehicle per Elapsed Time limits, and orient the teen to track fixtures, starting line, timing system, return road, time-slip booth, etc.
The teen must make a minimum of three (3) approved runs with the Official as Co-driver. The teen must then make minimum of three (3) approved runs with the assigned Co-Driver, witnessed by the Official, if passed; the Official and Co-Driver sign the driverís license.

Officials will deny a license to a driver they feel cannot handle the vehicle.
Driver may only drive vehicle from the staging lanes, on the track, and on the return road as far as the time-slip booth. The Co-Driver must drive the vehicle at all other times.

Seat belts: Mandatory for both driver and Co-Driver.
Helmets: Mandatory for both driver and Co-Driver.
Must be full-bodied car truck, van, or SUV. Convertibles, Jeeps, motorcycles and race cars prohibited.
Vehicle must pass Winterport Dragway and state safety Inspection. Vehicle must be licensed. Mufflers and street tires are mandatory. Race cars are prohibited. Electronics are prohibited.
All cell phones, radio, and/or sound systems of any kind must be turned off at all times.

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